Do you find yourself continually confronting everyday problems which, although trivial, have the ability to drive you completely nuts?

Are you forever finding the ways of the world, in all their infinitesimal variety, completely baffling? Do you have a sense that things – especially inanimate ones –  are out to get you? You are not alone. 

The Becket List: an A to Z of first world problems is a deeply cathartic compendium of stuff that drives us round the bend on a daily basis. 

From cling-film to coat-hangers, passport control people to modern poetry, reality TV to rawlplugs and tattoos to Twitter, this book  rails against the things that drive us all crazy and offers an essential balm for your failing sanity.

The Becket List could and should be described as the Holy Grail of toilet books. Ably fulfilling every requirement of this demanding category, it is witty, utterly hilarious and any reader will be hard pushed to find one single literary offering that could adorn the smallest shelf of their smallest room in a way that comes even close to the brilliance of this – the one, the only, Becket List