A new survey has found that almost half of us have at some point hidden from other household members during lockdown.  And of all the places to hide, the loo is by far the most popular with 40% of us lurking there!

Commissioned by the author of “The Becket list – an A to Z of First World Problems”, the survey also reveals that over a third of us keep books in our “loo library”, which is where author Henry Becket fully expects his book to end up.

“A bit like this survey, it’s full of snippets of useless, hopefully entertaining information,” he says, which is born out by the dozens of favourable reviews since it came out last October.  “Perfect for the occasion. Mind you, it competes for attention with our mobiles:  it turns out that over three-quarters of us take out phones into the smallest room, and like as not use them while we’re in there!”

Apparently, many of us read something while we’re in there…including some who have even resorted to examining the ingredients list on the toilet cleaner.  Which presumably helps to explain why almost half of us think our ‘other halves’ spend too long in the lav….

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